Ocean Wisdom Alchemy

Transmission – Finding Peace and Oneness
K. Miller 6/11/2019

For the most part, truth and reality are based on perception
and agreement. Our perceptions of right and wrong and our collective societal
agreements here on Earth dictate to us what is true or false. It is difficult
to discern what is true or false within all the various facades that we individually
wear and are present in the structures that surround us. The perception we have
of our reality itself is illusory and so too are there many misperceptions we
have about who we are and what we are, individually, and as humans-
psychologically and physiologically. When we look around us, there are many
behaviors we see that are blatant misrepresentations of the truth. False
advertising, politician’s campaign ‘promises’, revealed hidden atrocities of
history, the fine print of various offers and contracts, and the list goes on. There
too, are…

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