Iceland Wants People to Drop Bottled Water and Drink Its Lava-Filtered Tap Water Instead

Openhearted Rebellion

By Mandy Froelich, The Mind Unleashed

(TMU) — While traveling may be a worthy investment, there are risks to venturing overseas. For instance, if you were to drink contaminated water in a foreign country, you might contract a parasite. It’s for this reason that 65 percent of travelers admit to buying more plastic water bottles while traveling.

The convenience factor of plastic is
undisputed, but the use of the material is devastating the environment. Furthermore, half
of bottled water is estimated to actually be plain tap water. For these reasons, and because the
quality of water in Iceland is unparalleled, the government is urging tourists
to ditch bottled water and drink the country’s lava-filtered tap water instead.

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