Headlines and Updates for June 11, 2019: Pulling the G’s… Buckle Your Harness [videos] ~ June 11, 2019

Things are shaking up, literally and figuratively. Hang onto to your chair!

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: We see things heading to some sort of crescendo on July 4 which promises to be a never-to-be-forgotten day. Why is this? It’s because things seem to be finally coming to a head in the war between the Dark and the Light.

Read Starship Earth’s daily report below, and there are already too many small victories of the good guys to keep up with! Sadly though, most of these are not reported by MSM who still want to go down the wrong road of reporting. This is to be expected since MSM is controlled by the Dark.

Until the Light overwhelms the Dark (and it’s not far off, my friends), my belief is that control of MSM will be one of the last Dark cards to fall. Why am I capitalizing the work Dark? Because as painful as it is, if we did not experience Dark…we would never…

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