The Greater Motivation | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

The Greater Motivation can never be to make money. That is like digging nothingness out of a hole that has already been dug. It is like eating from an empty plate.

You are entitled to make money. You need no excuses. Yet the motivation has a need to be greater than making money. The money has to be for something. The path to the wealth has to be for something. This is not a commandment I am giving you. This is affirming how it is and what, in the depths of your heart, you already know.

What is the deeper motivation? It may be to simply feed your family and yourself. Your love for your family supports you. From love, you can do more than you can do any other way.

You may work for money because you have something to give, and you want to give it…

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