Energy Update June 7, 2019 ~ Massive Wave Approaching In July ~ June 8, 2019

Naps and extra self-care are definitely in order these days.

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: I urge all to really consider just what that “tired feeling” really means for each of us. During the last wave of Shuman’s Resonance last week that happened during the day for MST, I became really tired…so I took a nap! Our guides are telling us to rest when the energies become overwhelming.

So…pay attention to your feelings, rest when you need to so the enrgies don’t “beat you up”,and be…



by Merri Penman of

FCGCT Commentary: The speaker discusses the energies about to hit, getting specific guidance that this will happen in July (possibly closer to July 4th which has been presented by Mike Love in his energy updates).  Now the speaker stated she slept for 18 hours, this isn’t divine, those actions will not assist you in your ascension, these choices will descend you.  Best to ask your angels ‘what would love…

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