Tania Gabrielle: How to Relax and Reboot [Star Codes]

Forever Unlimited

Today’s 7:7 sweet code of serenity, rest and peace makes it a perfect moment to take a time-out and reboot.

When you do, you’ll be blessed with stunning insights, daydreams, visions…

It’s also a great opportunity to receive messages of healing and love, which are super amplified in June’s astro-numerology forecast.

That’s the focus of our NEW Star Codes episode, “June’s Royal Code: Feel and Heal”.

Click below!



Tune to discover…

  • How the Royal Letter R unveils the secrets behind June’s intuitive empowerment code.
  • Why you may question old beliefs as part of a major spiritual cleansing.
  • How June’s star code forecast redefines the meaning of Love.
  • Your Awakening as a Healer.

Now you can watch and listen on Video or Audio via Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other podcast platforms (plus the annoying intro is gone!)


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