Moving From Knowing to Being ~ June 6, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By A Gift From Gaia

To know and yet not do, to know better but to behave unconscious, to not be what or who you say, to enable self… suicide.

fields, your reality will tell you your truth about you. If you are
merging with super high vibrational Divine Truth holders, those who live
in joy, holding conscious relationships and experiences, open to
opportunity and abundance and STABLE then you are walking your path, but
to not do what you KNOW is against your highest wisdom, to say one thing
and do another is a refusal of your Soul, it is a refusal of Source and
you walk the path in darkness, you are a part of the matrix, lost in
the maze of many paths that you have been led to believe is acceptable.

ECOMINGThere is only One path of light, it is a behaviour, it…

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