Headlines and Updates for June 6, 2019: D-Day: Remembered, But Never Repeated [videos]

From dark to LIGHT… we are slowly emerging from a dark artificial dream put upon the world by alien interlopers. It is being shattered by the efforts of many patriots and true Earth heroes.

Rose Rambles...

Be sure to see the intel piece from Tru Reporting below. Exciting stuff!

This is another abomination that must never be repeated. We have
learned from past mistakes and are dismantling the structure that
orchestrated and executed these atrocities and crimes against Humanity.

75 years ago, tens of thousands of brave soldiers
stormed the beaches of Normandy to protect not only our country’s
freedom, but the freedom of the world. As we reflect upon this day &
commemorate these heroes, we’re reminded to never take for granted the
freedom we hold so dear. pic.twitter.com/1Fza9zlBXG

— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) June 6, 2019

We have a different sort of D-Day in mind now, don’t we? Uh-huh. DECLAS. Yup. Ever heard of it?

One thing that is slated to happen on Monday is the testimony of an
FBI informant, a whistleblower who has cancer and said he wants to tell
what he…

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