Rune Soup: Talking Afterlife Experiences with Elizabeth Krohn.

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I listened to this Rune Soup episode awhile back and meant to post it. Elizabeth’s story reminds me of some of my own weirder experiences, as well as relationship tensions following my 1998 TBI. Elizabeth Krohn teamed up with Dr. Jeff Kripal (Mutants and Mystics, The Super Natural: Why the Unexplained is Real, and many more) to co-author Changed in a Flash: One Woman’s Near-Death Experience and Why a Scholar Thinks It Empowers Us All.

Gordon White shares on his blog and YouTube channel:

This week, in what is probably one of my favourite ever episodes, we welcome to the show Elizabeth Krohn. Elizabeth, along with Dr Jeff Kripal, is the author of Changed in a Flash, which is the story of her being struck by lightning, dying and returning from the afterlife very much changed. A truly fascinating discussion. Enjoy.

***Show Notes***

Elizabeth’s book, Changed in…

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1 thought on “Rune Soup: Talking Afterlife Experiences with Elizabeth Krohn.

  1. Yes! I’ve been there and I understand how she felt! On the 3D it’s not accepted or understood much less like she said hard to find the words for the sensations like birth, love and oneness that you feel. I was not sexually abused but had many traumatic changes as a child . I saw spirits my parents separated n I came to live in the US. When my mom passed , she came to visit me as she was still living in the old country . I was married an was having infedelety issues which I senced n could not prove. My husband was not courages enough to admit it so I was living a very painful experience. I remember asking GOD as I was out in the yard to help me! I could no longer live a lie . So, I was on a trip n met this person that was giving reiki treatments or something like that! He said would you be interested; my mom had always said to me honey ; never get on someone else’s flying carpet!!! It was almost as if she knew! So this person begins , I go into this trance leave my body go to this beautiful place I feel complete I’m one with everything I hear music that goes right through my body and the color of the flowers I had never seen before. Yes! Love like I’ve never felt , then I hear my young children call me to come back because I’ve decided to stay and live in this buety. I hear mom don’t leave us we need you please come back! So, I came back ! I was crying because the experience was so amazing ! Color was bright, sound and I could not eat for a week! I now don’t fear death because it death is like this more people would exit! I finally resolved my marriage issues it was painful to know that a human being can crush another like that but I got through it ! I forgave my husband because it was not about me but about his own delusion. That’s another story. But one thing I learned and help people see is live in truth be compassion live in love with your sorroundings !! Life is precious n we are here for a reason! If people don’t want to be loved “LET IT BE”

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