June 2019 Energy Report~Self Unification ~ June 4, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Jennifer Hoffman

we made it through May and it was a tough month. Did you find out
anything about what holds you back in your life? Did you learn anything
about your limitations, fears, and who your real friends are? Did you
get a surprisingly negative response from someone when you did something
you thought they would appreciate or like? If May was chaotic it is
because dis-integration of our 3D reality creates chaos, which is
required so we can see the different aspects of our reality and how they
lack congruence, flow and harmony. Once we see the dis-harmony we can
assess what is required to allow congruence to enter our lives. June’s
theme is ‘human, meet divine’ and what we dis-integrated in May can be
put together in new ways that express our divinity in our humanity to
create congruence, harmony, flow, and allow us to…

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