Meg Benedicte – Ascension Activations – 6-3-19

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Ascension Activations


Meg Benedicte – Ascension Activations – 6-3-19

Now that June has arrived, we are moving into the annual alignment opposite the spinning vortex located in Sagittarius at the Galactic Center. Today’s New Moon in Gemini opens the gateway to the powerful creative force that emanates from the black hole of the Milky Way. Envision a direct pathway opening to Source Force!

Gemini represents the two sides of dualism. Instead of engaging in the opposing forces of duality, we are evolving into a field of harmony. In a couple weeks the Solstice arrives at exact zero point position with the Galactic Center, launching the powerful solar events of 2019.

Currently the north/south nodes are holding court in Cancer and Capricorn – also representing the feminine and masculine aspects of life. There will be two eclipses in July at these nodes, accentuating any discord or divisiveness requiring attention. All points…

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