A Couple of Jordan Sather FB posts (6-3-19) about #CITD2019 (and a Kp comment or two)

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This is a report from Jordan (jordansather.com) about his experience at #CITD2019. There have been some indications that several conference venues are “not inviting” certain folks (Corey Goode, et al.), and CITD has been one of them. I do feel it is very important not judge any one or any organization. Even if the data shows that they may have “turned against disclosure” in one way or another.

Most of the people I met at #CITD2017 and #CITD2018, including those who worked for #CITD, were courteous and helpful. So let’s see where all this goes, but I do like to keep in mind that all attempts to “cover up” things and/or “control” narratives, are failing BIG time, and rebounding (BIG time) to those people who intend to “cover up” and/or “control”.

I personally admire Jordan for his “tell it like it is”-ness…

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