Reversals Produce Loosh – Abuse of Power and Inverted Systems ~ June 2, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Lisa Renee,

centuries the NAA have developed and exploited multidimensional occult
practices through reversal creation code for the purpose of mind control
and Social Engineering, in order to harvest negative emotional energy
or energetic Loosh from the inhabitants of planet earth.

Much of
these occult practices can be classified as satanic ritual abuse and
Black Magic and are under the direct aid of the NAA to all that use
these methods for gaining power and control over others.

Reversals Produce Loosh - Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Reversals Produce Loosh

exploitation of planet earth as a harvestable energy source for hidden
extradimensional nonhuman entities has created the conditions of
worldwide consciousness enslavement, which led to the gross Abuses of
Power made against the human species, without their consent and explicit

Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on the
earth and by controlling the world’s energy supply, there is absolute

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