Evolution of The Plan! [video] ~ June 2, 2019

Rose Rambles...

A number of patriots have recently addressed The Plan, QAnon, the
psyop, military intelligence, Jackie O, JFK Jr. and President Trump and
how they may be linked.

This particular presentation recaps but also goes deeper, brings some
startling ah-ha moments and connects more dots for us. It takes what
has mostly been rumour and innuendo and fleshes it out for a potential
or probable reality scenario.

Don’t let “psyop” scare you. We’ve talked about this before. We’re
the warriors, remember? We are not afraid to look at information. The
end justifies the means if it is for the highest good of all concerned
and this operation is being handled honestly and honourably, by the
book, without violence.

Just how long was The Plan in the works? It sounds like it got a
rocky start with John F. Kennedy and his family but fell apart due to
the ruthless nature of…

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