New Moon in Gemini ~ June 1, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Nadia Gilchrist

June 3rd New Moon (12 deg Gemini) doesn’t make any major aspects. I use
tight orbs so I’m not considering the wide square to Neptune in Pisces
or the even wider opposition to Jupiter Rx.

we have a new beginning with multiple layers that’s pretty much pure
Gemini. There will be more than one option or path, and since this is
just beginning, you may not be sure about which path to take, just yet.
New Moons are dark- the issue is still forming and much is not visible.

is the sign of duality, and with a Sun/Moon conjunction we have the
unification of two energies. So there be themes of male/female,
father/mother, conscious/unconscious. This Moon does make a trine to
Pallas (strategies) in Libra. While not a major aspect, it suggests
support for social strategies and the harmonious unification of two
sides. Good…

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