Message from Sananda about the Plasma coming in ~ June 1, 2019

Rose Rambles...

I am dropping a quick note before I head off into the woods to recharge.

a session with a client the other day, Sananda (who had an incarnation
as Jesus) came in to talk to the client about what was going on with the
energies. He said that there is an important distinction with the
energy that is coming in.

He showed me a plasma like substance, we
have been receiving plasma for a while, but what he showed me was
almost like a membrane. He explained that this plasma is PROGRAMMABLE.

is really important to understand. If what is coming in is
programmable, we can choose exactly how it is programmed. We can choose
which frequencies we want to program it with, what thoughts, what
feelings, what reality.

It has no choice but to obey and then run with it.

is also fascinating is that at…

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