Headlines and Updates for June 1, 2019: June is Busting Out All Over [videos] ~

Rose Rambles...

June is busting out all over, and so is the Truth. As the buds burst
forth on flower and tree, so are the bubbles bursting for those who
thought they lived in the land of the free: where rights are protected
and their government would look after them.

In Montana the latest case of medical kidnapping of a newborn by the
Dept. of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) erupted this week and blatant
targeting in one family is clearly documented.

DPHHS staff have more clout than a judge and act with impunity. They
can swoop into a delivery room and on fabricated charges, lock up a baby
and prevent the mother from even breastfeeding. Outrageous doesn’t
begin to cover it.

The police told the mother they were afraid to go up against DPHHS and refrained from helping.

Nurses at the hospital rooted through the mother’s diaper bag of
supplies for…

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