Headlines and Updates for June 1, 2019: June is Busting Out All Over [videos] ~

Rose Rambles...

June is busting out all over, and so is the Truth. As the buds burst
forth on flower and tree, so are the bubbles bursting for those who
thought they lived in the land of the free: where rights are protected
and their government would look after them.

In Montana the latest case of medical kidnapping of a newborn by the
Dept. of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) erupted this week and blatant
targeting in one family is clearly documented.

DPHHS staff have more clout than a judge and act with impunity. They
can swoop into a delivery room and on fabricated charges, lock up a baby
and prevent the mother from even breastfeeding. Outrageous doesn’t
begin to cover it.

The police told the mother they were afraid to go up against DPHHS and refrained from helping.

Nurses at the hospital rooted through the mother’s diaper bag of
supplies for…

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Tree House Refuge

litebeing chronicles

I knew upon seeing this sign that it would be prominently placed in a future post. We are always one, whether we like it or acknowledge it. It just is. This entry is a follow up to my post in February about the treasures unleashed at a recent consult with my Spiritual Director. It took me a few months but I finally made it over to Morris Arboretum to revisit their Tree House exhibit. I picked a day that turned out to be warmer than expected and the place was packed with families and their young children. As an introvert, my pursuit of peace was not found during this trip. Yet, the TreeHouse was lovely and the Rose Garden was in full bloom. And then I discovered the Garden Railway was back “on track.” Sorry, I had to go there!

While this excursion ( only about 10 minutes from home)…

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New Moon in Gemini ~ June 1, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Nadia Gilchrist

June 3rd New Moon (12 deg Gemini) doesn’t make any major aspects. I use
tight orbs so I’m not considering the wide square to Neptune in Pisces
or the even wider opposition to Jupiter Rx.

we have a new beginning with multiple layers that’s pretty much pure
Gemini. There will be more than one option or path, and since this is
just beginning, you may not be sure about which path to take, just yet.
New Moons are dark- the issue is still forming and much is not visible.

is the sign of duality, and with a Sun/Moon conjunction we have the
unification of two energies. So there be themes of male/female,
father/mother, conscious/unconscious. This Moon does make a trine to
Pallas (strategies) in Libra. While not a major aspect, it suggests
support for social strategies and the harmonious unification of two
sides. Good…

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On the Road Less Traveled : A Personal Essay on the Path of Most Resistance and the Adventure That is Life.

Nicholas Andriani

As our world grows increasingly smaller it’s easier than ever to seek refuge in the comfort of familiar places. Yet, we live in a time when thoughts and ideas manifest in flashes of delight, th blink of an eye and round-the-world travel is at the fingertips of risk takers and adventurers alike. I see Marco Polo and Gertrude Bell in the men and women I met abroad. Sharing the road, sharing tales of individual split-second experiences worth more than time itself.

I started blogging back in 2012, shortly after moving to Jordan — not only to share my story and to learn from others, but to inspire, to instill the momentum it takes to lace up ones boots and hit the road. It wasn’t until I found myself alone in a most foreign country that I felt the hot passion of life. Where my native tongue was about as useful…

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Message from Sananda about the Plasma coming in ~ June 1, 2019

Rose Rambles...

I am dropping a quick note before I head off into the woods to recharge.

a session with a client the other day, Sananda (who had an incarnation
as Jesus) came in to talk to the client about what was going on with the
energies. He said that there is an important distinction with the
energy that is coming in.

He showed me a plasma like substance, we
have been receiving plasma for a while, but what he showed me was
almost like a membrane. He explained that this plasma is PROGRAMMABLE.

is really important to understand. If what is coming in is
programmable, we can choose exactly how it is programmed. We can choose
which frequencies we want to program it with, what thoughts, what
feelings, what reality.

It has no choice but to obey and then run with it.

is also fascinating is that at…

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Line Cmdr. Sundeelia – Ascension As An Inside Job

Blue Dragon Journal


Line Communications Cmdr. Sundeelia:  Ascension as an Inside Job

True spirituality blossoms forth from the seeds of devotion, humility, application, determination and will, perseverance, and a deep, deep abiding love for the essence of the Divine that exists within all Life.

One does not need a priest, a minister, a shaman, or an ascension guide to lead you to the Promised Land.  It exists within in a simple yet elegant place filled with mystery and simplicity.  It is Secret Chamber of the Heart, the location of the three-fold flame which burns in all those who are truly human.

Long ago, even before the final deluge that consumed the final island of Atlantis, the collective consciousness of humanity had fallen.  The unity consciousness and connection of the people to the world around them began to fragment, as well.  As humanity fell out of alignment with their connection to Source, source energy…

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The 4th Dimensional Grand Reorganizing

SoulFullHeart Healing

Each day our Mother Earth ship takes us perilously into the Light of the Next. It is not so much the New as we have been there before. We are There Now. It is just New to the current consciousness of our 3D conditioning and protection.

Why do I say ‘perilous’?

Because to this part of us, it is so. It is being lovingly and compassionately dismantled in order to let in all that we have been dreaming of and have known to Be outside of our 3D perspective. The reactions to thiscan show up in a myriad of ways from physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

All that this transitioning consciousness used to see as real and abiding, are coming into question and many times in very painful and confusing ways. There is a 4th Dimensional Grand Reorganizing underway and that can trigger a whole list of existential and traumatic…

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CHERI LAWRENCE – (L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy – 5-25-19

Higher Density Blog

Image result for Vibrational Energy


This article was first posted here: https://eraoflight.com/2019/05/26/christed-wheat-and-the-mind-control/

With some changes.

Cheri Lawrence

Thanks again for spreading my light through your awesome vehicle and allowing me to be a guest writer. Publish at will my friend! Trinity waves of love and light to you! Cheri

(L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy

Hello family of light!

I shared with you an earlier article on my soul mission this lifetime to reengineer the planetary architecture and quantum infiltration of christ consciousness. I feel my etheric gag order has lifted and it is now safe to share what my team has been working on which is clearing the Illuminati infiltrated timelines and the archonic artificial intelligence that was running the mind control agenda through the brainwaves of our collective and reversing the energy of the planetary grids. I work with the energetic archetypes on the grid who are available to each and every one…

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Clearing The mind Fog: Cat’s Angel Message for June 1, 2019

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message smsClearing The mind Fog: Cat’s Angel Message for June 1, 2019

June’s Theme: Maintaining balance our in all areas of our lives. (material, spiritual, goals, dreams, self etc.) Create and invite good things through focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

Life cannot be lived fully or joyfully ifour thoughts are focused on regretting the past,preoccupied with anticipating the future,or lost in the mind-fog of unconscious habitual behavior.– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

61:  Thoughts are powerful things that can bring us great joy, peace or inspiration to anxiety and despair, along with everything in between.  Sometimes it feels impossible to be super-positive all the time as some New Age “guru’s” say you should be. Negative thoughts happen (it’s part of our human nature) and when they do what’s most important is how you handle them. (Balance) If you hold on to them they breed more negativity and…

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