Headlines and Updates for June 29, 2019: Land of the Free; Home of the Depraved [videos] ~ June 29, 2019

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Editor’s Note: Ah…my friends, please read this report and understand the current state of this country’s…this world’s environment! Starship Earth does an excellent job of detailing what is going on and I, of course, want to add my two cent’s worth of comment.

Is our world’s society a lost cause? NO…and the upcoming revelation’s of truth will be revealed next week which will ultimately to the demise of the dark. Although most Americans seem to be sleep-walking as more and more of our civil liberties disappear, enough are awake and aware of what it will take to save this planet.

My advice? Lose your head-thoughts,and listen to the subtle message coming from your heart. Do you really feel OK with the current gauge of (mis)action in our society? DO NOT resort to violence, but rather be a peaceful non-conformer. Go a different route when possible, play by your own…

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Simon Says… Finally People Are Starting to Make the Connection Between JFK Jr. and Q ~ June 12, 2019

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I suggested this seemed very plausible some time ago. Now it seems inescapable.

Simon Parkes posted the following on his blog and the word is getting out, AND July 4th is not far off. ~ BP

JFK Junior & Q

Finally people are putting 2 and 2 together and joining the connection between JFK junior and Q.

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Deep State Shadow Government ~ June 30, 2019


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Editor’s Note: Please read below, ignore the apparent lapses in formatting for the author does give the historical context for where we are today. Yes, my friends…we are seeing spiritual growth for humanity, for we are rejecting the long-held scheme (at great cost to ourselves) of control over our lives.

The personal subjugation (outright human slavery) was left behind for debt slavery…a process not one of us is immune from, unless you are one of the 1%. Now you will better understand the value of a gold-based currency and the elimination of the fiat money system.

Please read this message below, understand the true value of freedom stems from the love we hold for ourselves, and be…



Deep State Shadow Government. By Burn Notice.

We are awakening into an awareness that there is an ancient authority
present which has controlled our money, governments and media.

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Papal Bulls and Original Trusts ~ June 30, 2019

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Editor’s Note: I “get it”…humanity has been under the spell (belief system) of others which has led to legal authority giving themselves control of our world. These folks (the Pope, the Queen of England, who really feel they are better than us! They are “entitled” (NOT!).

I watched Trunp’s last visit to England where it was made clear (Trump standing in the middle of royal dignitaries) that the illusion of control for the 1% is finished! Please read this message below, understand your personal freedom gives you control over yourself, the dark system is falling, and be…



Papal Bulls and Original Trusts. By Burn Notice.

Fantastic research is emerging about ancient Trusts and who owned them.

These Trusts have somehow woven a form of spiritual control around the earth and we are just now waking up to its presence.

Let’s explore how this may have occurred.



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Will 2019 be a Year of Unparalleled Alien Revelation? -Steve Quayle

Will 2019 be a Year of Unparalleled Alien Revelation? – Steve Quayle

Greg Hunter

Filmmaker, alien researcher and renowned radio host Steve Quayle says this is the year the truth is going to come out about aliens visiting earth. Quayle says, “The information is being released now by the same government that used to cover up every single UFO sighting, even when they started with ‘Project Blue Book.’ It wasn’t to answer the alien question, it was to control all the information of all the different sightings. The number one goal of the world control, I call them the fallen angel puppet masters, is to spin everything in history to their advantage. They want to destroy everything that is good and what God created. Every barrier, natural barrier, supernatural barrier and all of the barriers are being broken.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the alien researcher and filmmaker Steve Quayle.

Accept Peace



Slow down
You may have found yourself running around trying to achieve
In an attempt not to deal with some pain
And slow down
You may have made some progress
It is likely you have done yourself some good trying to turn a painful situation into creating more positive in your life
But there is also a need
To allow that which needs to come up.
Not the rehashing of what has occurred
But the deeper meanings
If you allow yourself some quiet time
You allow for processing
You may have been through quite a lot of scenarios by now in your life and you have a lot of life experience to look back to.
You may also begin to connect the dots
Especially if you have been doing your conscious inner work of growth.
We are heading towards a solar eclipse
Energies at the moment together with your…

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Up in the land of 10,000 lakes today, the skies are filling with an abundance of different kinds of clouds.  It’s always quite interesting to see a storm come together, starting with layers of many clouds in shades of grey.  The wind picks up and suddenly becomes still as the firmament becomes enshrouded in darkness.  The birds of the air seek refuge in trees.  The sun hides behind the darkness that proceeds to take over the sky.  Like a canopy of protection, broken and torn, you are alone in the midst of it.

You never know when storms will come to overtake you – to push you down and wait for you to try to get up again.  The wind tosses you about and the rains pour over you like a sea of troubled waters.  Life will be filled with these storms.  They come on us instantly, or they grow slowly…

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You’ve Got To Ask: Cat’s Angel Message for June 30, 2019

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message smsYou’ve Got To Ask: Cat’s Angel Message for June 30, 2019

June’s Theme: Maintaining balance our in all areas of our lives. (material, spiritual, goals, dreams, self etc.) Create and invite good things through focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

It isn’t sufficient just to want – you’ve got to askyourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.– Franklin D. Roosevelt

630: In the last month we have worked on achieving balance where material things are concerned. We have accomplished this by staying focused on our goals and by having faith in ourselves and that things will work out to our best advantage. As June comes to a close the Universe sends this gentle reminder, ” Help is always available and you need only to ask.” Remember that help can arrive in many forms. It comes not only from the Universe but…

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Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

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Large energy wave coming in

Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

Wanted to drop a quick note on the incoming energy wave. It is huge. I was shown this wave as I gazed on the Atlantic ocean as we hiked around Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, UK in mid-June. The wave on the Solstice was a precursor to this. Also on the Solstice, I noticed a beautiful pink mist coming in. This mist opens the heart and soothes the soul.

For the wave coming in, I was told that it is designed for us to break through our personal illusions. To see where we have held onto fear and limitations. The amount we are able to “see” and move through will depend on how much we can handle. It’s like we get taken to the furthest edge we can handle physically and emotionally.

We know the drill… listen to whatever the body…

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OPEN HAND – 5D Shift – Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation – How Best To Repond – 6-27-19

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OPEN HAND – 5D Shift – Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation – How Best To Repond – 6-27-19

Kundalini is an essential Gateway to full awakening and alignment with the Earth’s Great 5D Shift. As I travel the world working with groups of people, I’m witnessing that Kundalini is activating and rising in many more people right now. It’s essential we share awareness of this highly alchemical phenomenon because it’s likely to feel very destabilising physically, emotionally and mentally, whilst simultaneously opening your being to new heights of joy, psychic skills, unconditional love and interconnectivity.

So what are the key signs that kundalini might be moving in you?

The Top 10 Signs that Kundalini is moving in You

1) Energy surges from the base:You literally start to feel powerful surges of energy moving up from the base chakra. If you stand in stillness, or even sit, you’ll likely…

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