Language of Light – Remember Who You Are ~ May 18, 2019

Rose Rambles...

The Language Of Light. By Teri Wade.

The avatars and masters have permeated the grid work of our world and
bringing the tools with them for teaching that are being utilized in
the form of artifacts and symbols that are not from this dimension.

Symbolic forms that have a life of their own.

They make up what’s called the Language of Light.


Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive

We are implanted with a structure, a geometric forum which triggers certain information within you.

It also facilitates those that are working with you (your guides) the sending of information directly into your consciousness.

A large majority of you reading this are implanted and if not now you will be shortly if you open up and align yourself.

No one is implanted who doesn’t choose it.

The Language Of Light - Sixpenny Handley Crop Circle

Sixpenny Handley Crop Circle

The Language Of Light

Cintamani Jewels

This Light language is used to…

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Sacred “Garden” trees of Norway and Sweden

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

When I was doing research about trees in Norway I found this interesting paper by Douglas Fore Holmes about “sacred trees of Norway and Sweden: a friliftsliv quest” and was of course immediately intrigued. His abstract was very promising:

What began as a curiosity about the traditions and folklore related to trees planted in the center of many farms in Norway, “Tuntre“, and Sweden, “Vårdträd“, led me to a recognition of a tradition that can still be observed in the cultural landscape today. The tradition can be traced as far back as the Viking period, and directly linked to the mythology of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. I have been studying these traditions as they relate to the field of environmental education as an example of mythopoetic stories and folklore that influence moral and ethical regard for nature.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 8.40.06

As I am not a native speaker…

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Owen Waters: The Emergence of Lightworkers

Forever Unlimited

The Emergence of Lightworkers

Long ago, you made a noble decision at a soul level when you volunteered to help as a lightworker on this earth. Since then, you and millions of other lightworkers have lived among the mass of humanity making a critical difference to the overall consciousness of life on earth.

Most lightworkers are not aware of the enormous difference they have made simply by being on the planet and affecting its mind belt with their higher thoughts and actions. With the efforts of you and the ascended masters, the balance of consciousness on this earth has been maintained above the level necessary for the survival of humanity.

Without lightworkers, the average frequency of consciousness on this planet would be below that level. Despite the overall negative karma produced by the mass of self-seeking…

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FED & Elite Cabal BOTH Must End! Wayne Jett

Prison Time is Not the Punishment for Treason w/ Wayne Jett (2of2)

Sarah Westall

Wayne Jett rejoins the program to discuss the treasonous attempt the globalist operators made to overthrow the U.S. government. He explains that this is a very serious situation and it requires all the mandatory consequences that come with treason. He also explains the reality of our economic system in the U.S. and worldwide and how the globalists use this system to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. You can learn more about Wayne Jett’s work and purchase his book, “The Fruits of Graft” @

The Ever-Expandingness of Everything | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Much can be said about the Internet.

I want to tell you that it is consciousness on the rise.

It gives you the experience of Oneness.

It gets you out of your bodyness.

Consciousness reaches and touches other consciousness.

It gives you practice.

It spreads your wings further.

It gives you a taste of Heaven.

It is not the parade of information I am speaking of. It is the essence I am speaking of.

You begin to experience how you are the giver and the receiver and that all is added unto you. You begin to experience that there is no distance, which happens to be the truth of life. You begin to have faint glimpses of timelessness and synchronicity and the interconnectedness of thought issuing from the heart. You begin to escape your nonexistent isolation.

What is it that reaches you on the Internet? It is energy.

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Happy Full Moon!

Under The Blue Door

Full Moon art by Justin Peters

“Where do you belong? The full moon of May 18 (2:11 pm PT) is a Blue Moon with the power to heal the heart and re-connect to your true path.

This full moon is called a “seasonal Blue Moon,” which is the third of four full moons this spring. Full of promise, the blue moon falls in the area of the sky called Anuradha, the Vedic “star of success.”

Symbolized by a staff (weapon), Anuradha is also the star of the lotus flower. The flower of Anuradha grows in the muddy depths of Scorpio’s mysterious waters. Once it blooms, it offers the spiritual qualities of love and devotion.

Under this full moon, strengthening relationships and defining healthy boundaries is highly supported. Anuradha is the celestial home of the sun-god of friendship and love, Mitra. This benevolent deity radiates the sense of belonging and connectivity within families and communities. 

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Your Harmonious Whole ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been getting very excited about the evolution of the human consciousness because you are all so filled with diversity, and the diversity within each one of you is a superpower. As you unlock the diverse energies within you and you begin integrating them into the whole of who you are, there is no telling what you will be capable of doing and becoming. You, there on planet Earth, are very unique, because you have so many different aspects to you.

Because you have traveled throughout the galaxy, incarnating in so many different star systems before coming to Earth, you have so much within you to draw upon as you grow and ascend. Therefore, humanity is perhaps the most unpredictable race of beings in the entire galaxy, and that is exciting. It is exciting…

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Full Moon Offers Connection To Star Family/Inner Earth Lemurians In Mt. Shasta/Telos

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen
A powerful full BLUE moon today, supposed to be 12 times stronger in amplification and illumination energies than the usual full moon. This full moon is offering a bridge of lifted-veil connection to your galactic family, your soul family (even at the soul monad level), and to the Inner Earth Lemurians esp.
I’ve been offered recently that the Arcturians (and other Star BEings) are in the sky offering higher perspective and cellular clearing; the Pleiadians are in the seas offering cleansing and purifying; and the Lemurians are in the Earth offering a template of 5D consciousness in a human body. This is a reassuring feeling, to feel this connection to so many spacious, light and loved filled BEings who are watching out for us!
I’ve been connecting consciously and in dream space with the Inner Earth Lemurians, specifically those living under Mt. Shasta in California…

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