The Light of Your Consciousness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Never mind today all the concerns that beset you. They are just concerns. And concerns are habits of thought. Have not your habits of thought kept you down?

You really need a new picture of yourself. You have been modeling yourself according to an old photo that never was an accurate representation of you anyway. You need a much larger picture. This new picture of you needs to fill a whole wall, perhaps the whole house, perhaps the whole universe. Who said you had to carry a small photo of yourself, one kept in your wallet, smudge and wrinkled, one that does not catch a glimmer of your true Identity.

Get a new picture of you taken. I will take it. I take your picture now. I take it with My eyes, and My heart develops it. I put your picture everywhere. It is a magnificent picture I…

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