Surfing the Waves of Energy ~ May 16, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Gift From Gaia

Good morning you beautiful rays of light

So yesterday Venus came home to Taurus and today Mars hits Cancer

sets a new scene, a movement of our lower masculine and feminine
humanness for us to sieve through what is required and what is no longer
conducive to conscious being. Right before the Full Moon swimming in
the moody depths of Scorpio.

a new level of PAY ATTENTION….those words are becoming tiresome but
moving forward it is THE most important advice. OBSERVE everything and
CHOOSE conscious are the keys to surfing, well perhaps we use O&C as
the surfboard, it’s the vehicle of choice to cut your through those
choppy waves and allow you to jump to heights never possible on the
blind board which appears to be more like a board made of
concrete…purposely built for practicing on the shore and not for the…

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