Galactic Portal Activation – Huge Collective Shifts – Energy Update – 5-15-19 – by Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

Higher Density Blog

The shifts we are moving into seem like a rapid unfolding of karma that has been “blocked”from our awareness as a collective, along with a rapid evolution and shift in perception.

The Karma I’m speaking about is collective- through leaders, government, structures, power games. The US seems to have some power struggles or power shifts coming.
The realms are coming together… the images I’ve been getting are so vivid. Many are shifting/activating to a new level of awareness.

I keep seeing what looks like asteroids, creating this massive shift in our energy and in consciousness. It is the most positive experience I’ve had with a vision…

A lot of what’s happening is at different dimensional levels so the experience has become fragmented and there’s memories that can come up in dream state or through the intuition through the unconscious.

This has everything to do with the end of this galactic…

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