SerialBrain2, two related posts, 5-12-19 & 5-15-19… “Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey: The Infernal Trio” & “The Secret Reason Why Nadler Wants Barr to Break the Law”

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So these came out recently, and instead of including the full text, I’m putting the linked titles and a couple highlights from each. Here are two summary decode images SB2 had in the second article: Img13; Img14

One note I make here about these, one article includes mention of “The Hammer”, which relates to what I mentioned about the 190514 Mauna Kea mission (link to those), in this Kp blog post. And that is, the mission itself involved a “ball of fire” and that one of the authors of Great Balls of Fire was Jack HAMMER!!

An And We Know video has already been put out for the first article.

[Kp note: “AW9” refers to this link, and “Maestro” refers to President Donald J. Trump.]


Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey: The Infernal Trio

“Future proves past. We now have the evidence that Muller and Rosenstein with their accomplice…

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