Saint Germain’s Alchemical Activation of Lightwork

Saint Germain’s Alchemical Activation of Lightwork

The Hearts Center Community

Master Alchemist, Wonderman of Europe, Lover of Our Souls, God of Freedom! During the 2019 San Mateo New Living Expo, Saint Germain brought a violet laser light blessing to the Bay Area and all lightworkers. David Christopher Lewis, a spiritual teacher, and author shared the Aquarian avatars’ keys to wholeness through advanced alchemy and accelerated love.

Editor’s Note: Great teachings about Saint Germain, the Avatar of the Aquarian Age. Many lightworkers are not aware of the Ascended Masters who have long worked with the evolutions of Man on Earth. The Hearts Center Community emerged from the I AM Teachings, given to Godfre Ray King decades ago in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta, California.

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