Return To Your Truth: Tolec Joins Us for News & Perspective from the Galactic Council. 144k, Hold The Line; the World WILL Dump US Treasury Holdings When The ‘Republic REBOOT’ Is Ready! Are we ascending upward, or transmuting downward?

Use discernment — all is not as it seems.

Forever Unlimited

A brief lull in intel releases gives us an opportunity to focus inward (in preparation for the mathematically certain BIG ONE) but also to reflect on this one fundamental question.

Are we ascending upward … or transmuting downward?

I’ll be getting into the #1 key role & purpose of The Lightworker, that essentially goes way past just liberating this planet.

It’s crucial (and TIME) for us all to know and be very clear about this. And not just for the sake of ‘more intellectual information’ … but to help with the acceleration of our liberation, and to make sure this truly is the…

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