Headlines and Updates for May 15, 2019: Same Old Same Old [videos] ~ May 15, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Headin’ out to California and farming out the dog so not much time today.

Folks are still saying they thought we hadn’t posted for a month but
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SerialBrain continues the puzzle…

Post # 165 – The Secret Reason Why Nadler Wants Barr to Break the Law.

I believe Dave nails what is unfolding in his X22 Reports from yesterday.

They are now turning on each other, as predicted. They always do.

Blame game pits John Brennan against James Comey over support for Steele dossier

The horrors of Monsanto continue to unfold… in generation after
generation of deformed and mentally affected babies in Vietnam where
Agent Orange was used as a…

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Extraterrestrial Knowledge at the Foundation of Indigenous Cultures?

Extraterrestrial Knowledge at the Foundation of Indigenous Cultures?

Collective Evolution

How much do indigenous cultures know about extraterrestrials?

Listen to full podcast episode: explorers.collective-evolution.com/underground-military-bases/

To watch the full episode of The Collective Evolution Show, become a member of CETV: https://cetv.one

The Absolute Truth About What A Lightworker Is, From The Divine.


Hi my name is Dawn I have taken off the last 6 months to put all my energy into my journey. It paid off because I finished my lightworker journey. I will always be a lightworker but the hard part is over and life is very very easy now. I am completely healed with an integrated an fully healed inner child. So now the divine wants me to tell you what a lightworker really is because you haven’t been told the truth.

You may have been told a lightworker is someone who goes through life spreading light and love and being kind to whoever they meet. This is how they transmute negative energies around them and make everyone feel happy and loved. No, that is called being a good person which everyone should be anyways.

A lightworker is someone who has had their deep emotional connection with self broken by…

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Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Original Art Speaks Volumes & A Confession

Tania Marie

This was going to just be a blog touching on the importance and value of art – something I often write about especially when I hear and see struggling artists, people unable to find a way to make a living with their artistic expression, people feeling their “art” not being taken seriously and just thrown aside as a hobby, or having a hard time to take leaps of faith with their creations because of such strong collective beliefs that have shaped their own.

This was percolating again when I was reading reviews of art that had been purchased in my Etsy shop and realizing how unless people come face-to-face with the experience of someone’s gift they have to share, that there can be a disconnect or devaluing that takes place. Of course, this can be connected to the feelings we have come to believe about ourselves, that are innocently conditioned.

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Negative Conditioning

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Michael Bodewitz

Monster movies portraying paranormal or other worldly beings coming to earth to kill humans or monsters in the forest give our forest friends a bad rap. This kind of media conditions people to see unknown beings as enemies or dangerous and out to kill us. We must not support this type of media and try to enlighten society with the truth of our experiences as them being the loving elder brother and sisters they are.FB_IMG_1557941016624

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Energy Update: Geomagnetic Storms Offer 5D Codes To Unanchor From 3D

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Energy UPdate: Strong geomagnetics still coming through the series of CMEs entering our atmospheres from an active sunspot producing many flares and CMEs the last week. Geomagnetic storms are continuing today and tomorrow as we are still integrating the most powerful geomagnetic storm in YEARS, a G-3, that came through a few days ago.
You may have felt MEGA tiredness and sleepiness yesterday as the energies of the CMEs moved through and high SOULar winds fanned the ‘flames’ of the energies. There was also a sense of the veils being very thin yesterday in particular with much opened out access to channeling your Metasoul/other lifetimes and timelines….along with galactic connections to your star family and Lemurians too.
THIS is a time of powerful activations from the Great Cosmic Sun coming in and through our planetary sun and flowing into our Personal Sun Chakras at the…

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