Young girl gives amazing insight into what to expect during the next 6 weeks ~ May 13, 2019

Brad Johnson of New Earth Teachings has stated this division of worlds and three days of darkness will take place on 2037.

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This is another great find sent to me by my good friend “P” which shares with us some pretty exciting times ahead! I tend to trust the stories of children as they are much less affected by societal norms, and this…tell the truth!

Please bear in mind that your truth may be different from my truth as we are all individual sparks of creation mixed together for our own experience. Please read this message, learn to open your heart for your own truth, and be…



editor victoria’s comment ~ i am sharing these amazing
words and images with permission from the mother. originally shared in
an Event social media group….here are the words of the mother:


“My daughter is 9, and she is very special. She is speaking of
incredible things. She believes she is a Lyran, here to help humanity. I
am finding I am…

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