Trump QAnon Military and Martial Law ~ May 13, 2019

There is an epic battle going on between the forces of evolution and those of entropy. Where do you stand?

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This article contains highly irregular infomration that all should be aware of, but perhaps NOT believe in! For, me, this article is a last gasp of meida designed to pu.t ideas and thoughts in our heads that will ultimately lead to FEAR…False Evidence Appearing Real!

Please read, know the dark will use any tactic to keep hold of humanity, and be…



Trump QAnon Military. Source What Does It Mean.

DNI Note – For this article you need to apply the maximum
discernment. As we are reading Fulford’s post we should be able to read
this one as well and distill the possible truth that could eventually

Putin Prepares Russia For Trump QAnon Military Takeover Of United States

A heart-stopping new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the
Kremlin today says that President Putin’s vow this morning to continuing
strengthening Russian military defenses.


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