Secrets Of Infinity Part 3…“Returning To The Circle”

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Greetings to everyone!  This article is a continuation of my two previous articles on the spiritual nature of the infinity symbol.  I have been clairvoyantly watching the spiritual nature of our Infinity symbol for the past five years. The first time I tuned into the symbol, it was laying on its side, then I saw it flip to the upward position.  This is where it stayed for a few years. Then at the end of 2017 I saw it unwind and turn into a circle. However, it didn’t stay in the circle position, it became twisted again, and joined at the middle of the 8. I also saw the lower aspect of the symbol, which is the 6 part, fall off, and then it sealed into a circle again.  Sadly, once again it did not stay a circle. Every time I see new movement, I write. Which is why when…

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