Four years of Conversations with Sasquatch, by SunBôw

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Four years of Conversations with Sasquatch, by SunBôw

Four years today since I left on my first serious and successful Sasquatch quest, a life-changing experience that started ongoing communications and keeps making wide reaching ripples. Thanks to our Elder relatives for their guidance and support. Thanks to all who have joined in this amazing spiritual journey of continuous learning and growth.
Best blessings to all our relations…
Art: Jody Bergsma
art painting Jody Bergma

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Secrets Of Infinity Part 3…“Returning To The Circle”

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Greetings to everyone!  This article is a continuation of my two previous articles on the spiritual nature of the infinity symbol.  I have been clairvoyantly watching the spiritual nature of our Infinity symbol for the past five years. The first time I tuned into the symbol, it was laying on its side, then I saw it flip to the upward position.  This is where it stayed for a few years. Then at the end of 2017 I saw it unwind and turn into a circle. However, it didn’t stay in the circle position, it became twisted again, and joined at the middle of the 8. I also saw the lower aspect of the symbol, which is the 6 part, fall off, and then it sealed into a circle again.  Sadly, once again it did not stay a circle. Every time I see new movement, I write. Which is why when…

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Update of Pilgrimage of heart — New Earth Unity Foundation

The journey to Wholeness is a singular journey, one person at a time. No, not every journey will be or could be the same. Most people of the Earth have much trauma to clear and are not even aware of it. This is one person’s story, not necessarily yours…


UPDATE ON PILGRIMAGE OF HEART/NEW EARTH IS NO LONGER A FREQUENCY It is about two months that I have landed in Bali and has spent most of my time in Ubud. In the beginning everything was chaotic, after serenity and peace for months on Sunshine Coast/Canada, suddenly arriving at this small city, dirty, with noise […]

via Update of Pilgrimage of heart — New Earth Unity Foundation

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PREPARE: The Time of The Great Quantum Leap of Consciousness is at Hand ~ May 13, 2019

Yeshua spoke of these same things two thousand years ago. Time is meaningless to Spirit. The ‘change’ spoken of here will occur when it does; no man can plan or know in advance when it will happen. Do not be disappointed when it does not take place in two weeks as you will be tested on your faith and your determination no matter what…

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This video was sent to me by my good friend “P”, who…like I Am, is ready to go! No one knows any exact details for just how the “shift of the ages” will take place and this is one BEings aspect!

The bottom line? Listen to your heart, ignore the distraction of the “outside world”, and be…



We are on the brink of a burst of sunshine that brings in a New Day and a New Dawn for humanity and Planet Earth. It is SHOWTIME. Everything that we have worked so hard for is about to come to fruition. Are you ready?

The dinosaurs of the modern era are about to become extinct as Consciousness bursts forth and a new world BLASTS into existence. The dinosaurs of our modern time are the powers that control and manipulate, the energies that keep us in seperation…What does not…

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The Pleiadian Message- Teri Wade May 13 2019

Love&Freedom Blog

The Pleiadian Message…

The American Indian religious freedom act was passed in 1979. You might be asking yourself what do the Native Americans have to do with the Pleiadians. Well, up until that time the American Indians were forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies. The stories and legends of the Native American Indians are encoded with Pleiadian influence.

It is said that the Pleiadians came to our planet long, long ago to incarnate as Starseeds to bring light and knowledge to this planet. So, I think it’s safe to say that many of us with Native American genes come from Pleiadian lineage. Like I say all the time, just connect the dots, it all connects… Meaning, there was a reason that they destroyed and annihilated the Native American culture in America. Their spirituality and knowledge was a threat to the Dark rulers plan.

The Pleiadians are here guiding…

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Your Beauty



These days as our deepest wounds arise for review, it can feel very destabilizing.
Weve already been through so much
And it is as if theres another cherry on top
This Cherry is indeed a cherry
For this is where you consciously choose to look at what is arising for you
And see the bigger picture
This is where you meet what hurts within
And how this is affecting your life and progress
This is where you decide to let it all go
Because after all youve been through
You actually know who You Truly Are
And this has nothing to do with you
If anything it is just slowing down your journey and weighing you down
This is where you decide to forgive, for you know those who have done you wrong knew not better
And because you know that forgiving will help you finally release the attachment to…

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B Weeklies Week commencing 05 -13 -19 to 05- 20- 19 Knock… Knock …Who’s there? …Truth?

Forever Unlimited

B Weeklies Week commencing 05 -13 -19 to 05- 20- 19 Knock… Knock …Who’s there? …Truth?

Published on May 12, 2019

B Weeklies for the Week Commencing 05-13-2019 through 05-20-2019

General 1:32
Earth 16:35
Air 24.38
Water 35:49
Fire 43:58

If you would like to purchase a reading or a subscription from me go to

The information contained in this video should not be used to make major life decisions. This is a general reading only. This information is not to be used for professional medical or legal advice. The creator of this video takes no responsibility for how the viewer uses this information.

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Citizens Release Treason Report

American Intelligence Media

treason report final

Over 20 years of data collection with two powerful citizen intelligence groups – the Americans for Innovation and the American Intelligence Media release this report to Attorney General A. G Barr and President Donald Trump.

We need your help, patriots. Please email a PDF copy of this extensive report to places listed below. You don’t even need to leave your armchair to get this done – our patriot team did the research. We need YOU to give it some fuel.

Here is the report link: The Treason Report

First copy goes to Bill Barr. Contact him here:

Then send a copy to the White House here:

Please send copies to your Senator and Congressperson. Many of the are criminal collaborators…others are just clueless. Contact them here:

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