James Red-pills America – The War Room! Top National News from the last week, 5/4-5/10/19

James Red-pills America – The War Room! Top National News from the last week, 5/4-5/10/19

Editor’s Note: I’m sure some of my readers question why I post this sort of thing. Well, politics and news is a reflection of the inner state of people these days. Chaos is present. Ancient beliefs are being shattered. There is a war against your mind. What are you doing to clear your ancient trauma and karma, bringing into balance your internal world? What you see on the world’s stage is NOT necessarily a reflection of your internal process. It is a demonstration of all that has been corrupt, dark, and hidden now being EXPOSED and aired in the Light. What is of low vibration and frequency WILL NOT go forward into 5D, whether it is a national system or a personal belief and practice. Ascension is not a picnic; it takes work. Refusing to look at the dark will not make it go away. You are all potentially powerful beings, but you need to accept the power and use it by clearing your own inner issues, triggers, and thoughts through neutral meditative attention every minute of the day. You WILL be tested often by difficult circumstances that crop up within your life experience.

Do you get triggered by the Orange Man? Why? This is a question you need to ask yourself as it is an appropriate one given the extreme emotional reaction to President Trump, without facts backing the reaction. If you’re not willing to look at your reactions, that is your choice, but take responsibility for making it and stop blaming someone outside of your Self.

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