Sovereignty and Self Care


Truth. Self respect is sovereignty. No matter who they are, even your twin flame, if they can’t respect you they can’t be good for you. When folk are rude take it as your cue to pull back, don’t make excuses for them. When people ignore you or make you wait, chase or beg for their attention, step away friends. Get some breathing space. Regroup. Not everyone can vibrate on our wavelength. We rearrange the furniture of our lives redefining our self love boundaries. Power plays affect our mental health. Mind games mess with our heads. Avoid filling in the blanks when folk won’t communicate. Instead look into your heart, do what makes you feel safe. Those who can’t handle our spiritual ways will drift away. Those whose demons are offended by our light will put space between us and them. Those who see our light, our higher state of consciousness…

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Catching Up

litebeing chronicles

Greetings litebeings! It has been a good stretch since I posted anything, especially anything new. I have been working on balancing my life, and practicing self-care to increase my inner resilience. I am also working on  a guest post that is rather intense. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the change of season. It is an exceptionally rainy May in my neck of the woods.

Speaking of woods, here are a few photos from my latest trip to Longwood Gardens:

I have been re-vitalizing my meditation practice with a different type of breathing and adding chanting back to the mix. I recently learned that an extended exhale and the act of chanting help relax the vagus nerve, which plays a role in heart rate and digestion. I am also enjoying select lectures from the Hay House Summit, which is happening right now. I enjoyed an interview with…

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The Entire House of Cards Is About to Come Down – Episode 1865b

The Entire House of Cards Is About to Come Down – Episode 1865b

X22 Report, May 12, 2019

Roger Stone wants the information on DNC hack, discovery is a wonderful thing. Judicial Watch reports Schiff to the ethics board. Judicial Watch shows Obama was the gatekeeper in the WH. Guilianni not going to Ukraine. JB worried about the IG report. Comey tries to cover up everything with a tweet. Lindsey Graham goes after Kavelic. Carson says that illegals can not get free housing anymore. An Ismalic Terrorist Training camp found in Alabama. The house of cards is coming down.

A Man’s Journey To Self Through Feeling His Relationship To His Mother

SoulFullHeart Healing

A man’s relationship to and with his mother has such a big influence in his relationship to women, the feminine (internally and externally), and his ability to let in the kind of love he yearns for. It also has an impact on his individuation as a man in the process of maturation and ascension.

As a man, this relationship has deep roots not just in this life but in our soul. So much of our wounding can be projected onto our mothers, as well as onto other women because of our relationship to our mothers. Unearthing these roots and entanglements takes a man into a sacred journey of finding his truth and his own inner feminine energy.

It makes it very difficult to feel that when in a wounded relationship to mom. This can come in the form of of the Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, the Inner Child, as well…

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Soul Skill #3: Chakras as Allies in these Shifts

Rainbow Wave of Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received May 6, 2019

Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council spotlight Soul Skill #3 in this transmission. They invite us to consciously connect with our chakras as allies to assist us with the movement needed now to get up to speed with the New Light Codes of the New Earth. As we continue to allow the old ways and old codes of the old paradigm of separation, division, and density to surface, in order to cleanse and release them, we are called to activate our Soul Mastery Skills in our journeys now, in order to summon more light and to embrace the greater expansion and gifts we truly are. Sovereignty, Wealth, Well-Being, Joy, and Love are our birthright! It is by engaging the Soul Skills we all carry inside us that we will have an…

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Higher Density Blog

James Van Praagh

When I was a boy of three or four, Spirits visited me at night. They would hover at the foot of my bed projecting impressions and images my young mind could barely comprehend, but that I understood at a deep soul level. When I got older and started kindergarten, I realized that my visions were unique and that my little classmates were definitely not experiencing what I was.

One day I brought the matter up to my mother. “Oh, you can see spirits?” She said calmly. “I saw them too when I was your age.” Her words comforted me and made me feel safe.

Looking back on my relationship with my mother, I’m grateful for the way she made me feel accepted and protected. By sharing that she had been able to detect the presence of Spirit as a child, she let me know that I was…

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Life Is What You Make of It | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

There is Life, and there is Life.

Life is what you make of it. This is Life on Earth.

What you make of Life says a lot about you.

Remember that you are not to judge. You are not to weigh even your own Life. Let Me take that back and look at this from different angles. I mean, really, who can sum up Life, for Life is ongoing.

One man has no family, no money, not even one red cent. He finds a crust of bread in the street, and he is grateful for the moment he had something to put into his stomach.

Another man has a fortune, a big family, lives in a mansion. He has a chef who cooks him delectable meals, and he is tired of even food. In general, he doesn’t see his Life as hunky-dory.

Life is not equal. Circumstances change…

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