The Monster Among Us – Teri Wade May 11, 2019

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The Monster among us…


These Neo-liberals are just communist prostitutes to put it gently. These people can look into your eyes with their angelic expressions and lie through their teeth. They easily recruit people that lack moral principles and generally lack compassion for life.

Remember, this fading liberal agenda promotes broken families, it promotes the idea of genderless identity, it pushes the idea of the fatherless family structure, it fights for the right to kill its own, it pits women against men like it should be some kind of a power struggle.

There’s a mission for the human female as well as the human male and when both are respected is when balance will be restored. But, that’s not what they want.

They push victimization only to keep the already fragile minds of their followers from attaining a future away from their control. They have kept the black race…

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1 thought on “The Monster Among Us – Teri Wade May 11, 2019

  1. EXCELLENT!!! Article! Very true!!! We as Americans face confusion and through confusion to our society!! We become venerable to the enemy ; who is the enemy!? Communism, socialism !! People think this way of governance is freedom but please do your research! It’s incarceration of your mind! Who you are freedom to reach for the Stars freedom to explore your passion, your intelligence your natural place in life!!! We live in the BEST!!! Country in the World!! Don’t be fooled this is paradise we can speak our thoughts our opinions!! We can be wrong!!! Right!!! If your not convinced speak to someone from Vietnam, Venezuela!!! Russia

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