Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 40 ~ May 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Yes! Bring it on…healing and rejuvenation brought about by only “thinking about” how you wish your health to be…and perhaps asking, as given in the message below. Please read this article, give this concept a try as you encourage your body to heal, and be…



Hi everyone. The conversation you are about to read took place on May 8th. Here is a bit of background, so that it makes sense.
They reference my partner, who has had diabetes for 20 years now. He
has not felt a great deal of success with meds (insulin) and is “no good at watching everything I eat”. He does manage to keep his A1C test in line,
which means nothing to me but will mean something to those of you
familiar with diabetes.

He’s been lowering his insulin gradually for 2 years now. It was initially
51 units…

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