SerialBrain2, 5-9-19… “The Russian Hoax Summarized”

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This is pretty straightforward, and was actually (in essence) presented in Q post 1708. Perhaps this will be something some may wish to use to “educate” the more un-red-pilled types.

I would presume that an And We Know video highlighting this SB2 post should be coming soon.

[Kp note: “AW9” refers to this link, and “Maestro” refers to President Donald J. Trump.]

“…Q1708. Read very carefully: Img1

As you can see, the Russian Hoax is an operation conducted by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, working hand in hand with the UK Government, to sabotage the US 2016 presidential elections. With the help of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, National Security Adviser Rice, Director of National Intelligence Clapper, Director of CIA Brennan and other identified accomplices, illegal spying targeted Trump and his campaign in an effort to gain leverage and stop him.

“Hillary Clinton financed the…

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