Pleiadian Message ~ May 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Once again, I received an “automatic writing” message from the Pleiadians while blogging. This message is heartening indicating our time “is at hand”, or that Mother Gaia is indeed ready for humanity to evolve through the process of holding LOVE…the strongest of any vibrational force!

Please read this message, know that you are loved, despite any circumstance or behavior you have adopted, and be…




We are the Pleiadians contacting this one with an important message for all who read these words. You are FREE! Your freedom has been secured by LOVE, the Love you hold for each other, as well as your Love of life…the Love of BEing!

Many positive Earth changes are now occurring rapidly as those serving the dark begin to understand that their presence on Earth is nearly done. Although much of humanity scurries about looking for the “details” of change, please…

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