Former military Robert Mueller faces military tribunal at any time

Patriots for Truth

Mueller as an ex-military officer can stand trial immediately for treason

The articles and material below were referenced in our discussion:

Records Obtained in Court-Ordered Discovery Reveal Obama White House Tracking FOIA Request for Clinton Emails


Justice Department Discloses No FISA Court Hearings Held on Carter Page Warrants


Rep. Matt Gaetz on Spygate, Barr Hearings, and the Attempted Coup Against Trump



From the AIM Miners:

The Americans have yet to understand the mechanisms of the decades of massive Organised Crime, money laundering conduits, especially all those connected to the Bush family, Clintons, Obama and now Trump.

As was exposed in the US, former FBI Director JAMES COMEY’S brother works for the Law Firm that does the

His brother, PETER COMEY works for the Law Firm
Now the Americans have never dismantled the Companies that DLA PIPER act for, I have.

Companies that…

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Death Culture – Natural Law Part 2 ~ May 11, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Death Culture. Natural LawPart 2 . By Teri Wade.

In this current 3-D timeline and over the last hundred years or so
the human race has been socially engineered through technical mind
control using violent entertainment and predictive programming via the
media promoting this Death Culture.

Social engineering is a form of mind control that seeks to manipulate
people away from their own right to privacy by the way they access


Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive

They want to control what it means to be knowledgeable and self informed.

So this fabricated social structure can control the human mind with misinformation to control their behaviors.

This Death culture purely promotes physical sensations, materialistic
pursuits and financially rewards organizations and media who promotes
the programming that feeds this Death culture.

They have programmed and promotes the human species to take no moral
responsibility, accountability or ethical consideration…

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Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline – Protocol ~ May 11, 2019

The Arcturians provide this service, as well. However, your thoughts can undo all. Changes are made to the Light Body, not to the physical.

Rose Rambles...

Hi everyone. Just a few words on the protocol, as there are already several questions.

As mentioned in the first message, # 40, here is what they said:

There is a protocol. You can adopt a mission of constant rejuvenation, continuous creation of ideal; a perfect healthy body. With this protocol, add “I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.”

This is not asking for a fix. It is a statement of creation. There is a difference.

What we tend to do is expect medicine to fix us, doctors to heal us, etc. What was learned in our work with the Pleiadians was that we cannot ignore our part in the process. It is the basic assumption of “I am ill or somehow less than ideal” that has control in this process. If the assumption begins there, it tends to remain there.

This initial assumption is the protocol they refer to…

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The Monster Among Us – Teri Wade May 11, 2019

Love&Freedom Blog

The Monster among us…


These Neo-liberals are just communist prostitutes to put it gently. These people can look into your eyes with their angelic expressions and lie through their teeth. They easily recruit people that lack moral principles and generally lack compassion for life.

Remember, this fading liberal agenda promotes broken families, it promotes the idea of genderless identity, it pushes the idea of the fatherless family structure, it fights for the right to kill its own, it pits women against men like it should be some kind of a power struggle.

There’s a mission for the human female as well as the human male and when both are respected is when balance will be restored. But, that’s not what they want.

They push victimization only to keep the already fragile minds of their followers from attaining a future away from their control. They have kept the black race…

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Receiving Higher Frequency Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in appreciation of those of you who have been so open to receiving us and our energies. You have made it more possible for us to connect to a larger segment of the population on Earth because of the grounding of our energy that you do on such a regular basis. Of course, you are not just grounding our energies. You are also grounding Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Lyran, and many other energies from all across the galaxy, making it all available to you fellow humans who are for the most part closed off.

Most people are not taking the time to open themselves up. Most people do not realize that it is beneficial to them to do so. And so, you are the minority, and you are helping the majority. We also want…

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The Sun Reflected on a Wall | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Life is full of beginnings. Beginnings are new. As seen in the world, for there to be beginnings, there must be endings. From your view, that’s how there is room for change. Too often, change is seen as unfortunate. There is much you would keep the same, if you could. Obviously, you cannot. Beneath all the change you see and feel and, perhaps, mourn, there is a rock-solid stability. Oh, yes, the surface may be shaken. The surface may go up and down, and, yet, the surface is not a measure to go by.

This is another way of saying, “Judge not.” You simply don’t know how to measure. You don’t have enough information. In actuality, you have information but none of the reason. Here’s the thing: There is no finality in life. It’s not done yet. It’s never done yet. Consider life in the world like the…

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Equinox and Solstice Sandwich

The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy sandwich

We are now in an equinox/solstice sandwich. When we started May, everyone’s field was at about a 25 foot diameter (keeping with my scale of vision) as the energies of all of April expanded and found its magnetic place in our fields of life. I was very surprised to see the solstice energy already connecting with ever reading yesterday. So energy waves were still coming in from equinox on the left, and energy waves from the solstice on the right, condensing everyone’s field. Meaning, it takes less energy to create/manifest. At the same time, new energy enhancements are coming in.

Every person also had something in the order of an energy shield at the outer most edge of their immediate field. Keeping in mind in my readings your field is broken up into three parts. What I call your center field, taking in your biology and energy body within your…

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Re-Writing History: Evidence of Man-Made Iron inside the Great Pyramid

Re-Writing History: Evidence of Man-Made Iron inside the Great Pyramid

Ancient Architects

A few months ago I made a video about the objects discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the most famous of which are a small bronze hook, a portion of cedar-like wood and a ball of dolerite rock, but I also mentioned the lesser known discovery of an iron plate.

Mainstream conventional history is resistant to new facts.