Headlines and Updates for May 10, 2019: Is It Hammer Time? [video] ~ May 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

As Dave suggested in the X22 Report last night, May 10 might be a
significant day in the assault on the dark. QAnon gave us a timeline and
we may be at one of the key dates today. We can already see that a
significant number of the psychopaths are suffering from the DTs; a
virulent strain of justice that only strikes those with evil in their

Trump Just Called Out The [DS], [-90], It’s All About To Drop – Episode 1863b

With or without a “bombshell”, the news is astounding these days on
many fronts. How much Truth can we take? Are we tired of winning yet?

admits the Health Ranger has been right all along: Sunscreen chemicals
are absorbed into your bloodstream where they can promote cancer

Earlier this year I shared a video discussion with President Trump
and his advisors about medical billing and costs…

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New Report Sparks Panic; This is How You Know The Hammer is About to DROP!

New Report Sparks Panic; This is How You Know The Hammer is About to DROP!

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, May 10, 2019, Episode 1864b

The next report coming out will be about Comey, the patriots are trickling the information out getting the American people all on the same page. Guiliani heads to Ukraine to tell the investigators to continue with what they are doing. Rep Dan Crenshaw explains how the D’s pass bills, they put titles on them that have nothing to do with the bill. Run The Race tweets out an anon notable that May 10, 2019, might be the drop date.

Panic is sweeping D.C. right now. Get the popcorn, folks.

Praying Medic: My Thoughts on FBI Director Chris Wray – May 8 2019 + Qanon Updates

Forever Unlimited

My Thoughts on FBI Director Chris Wray – May 8 2019

Published on May 8, 2019


My thoughts on whether FBI Director Chris Wray can be trusted.

Qanon May 3 2019 – The Kickoff

Published on May 3, 2019


The second half of Donald Trump’s first term as President will be different from the first half. He is now on offense.

Twitter thread: http://bit.ly/Daniel-Q

This broadcast covers post #3331 on https://qmap.pub/

My website: https://prayingmedic.com/

Qanon April 28 2019 – Truth, Transparency and Equal Justice

Published on Apr 28, 2019


Q assures us that truth, transparency and equal justice under the law will prevail.

Twitter thread: http://bit.ly/Q_transparency

This broadcast covers posts #3326-3330 on https://qmap.pub/

My website: https://prayingmedic.com/

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Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update, Waves, Timeline Shifts, New Paradigms 5/7

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Energy Update, Waves, Timeline Shifts, New Paradigms 5/7

Streamed live on May 7, 2019


Just A Quick Energy Update.

Sorry for the shaking, I talk with my hands😂 something i’ve been working on for years but haven’t seen much change.

*Temporal Tapping slong the right ear 3-5 times while starting affirmation when you see a number synchronicity speeds up manifestations!!!! Trust me, please try!!

I’ll be on again to talk about some of the messages I’ve been getting… I’ve been audio recording the downloads that are coming in and the channel messages for sharing. (I encourage others to do this, ofyen times they can come in randomly while your consciously mind is busy on a repetitive daily task)

The waves coming in can create a feeling of inspiration mixed with resentlessness. We are integrated aspects of ourselves that we have been blocked off from consciously due…

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CRYSTALS are LIVING BEINGS from the mineral ELEMENTAL KINGDOM, BUT can they be used for FREE ENERGY ? – MAY 10 2019 by SAINT ANDREW

All things of ideas for utilizing crystals…


Image result for real cystal beings in crystalCRYSTALS are used for many things, remember that old record player? A small crystal was used in/as the needle to create those sounds etc. CRYSTALS are making a massive comeback again this time they are being EXPLORED again.

Crystals in Water


SOME CRYSTALS actually do “have beings inside them” and rubbing them together to make them GLOW seems interesting. But is that hurting the tiny CRYSTAL BEINGS rubbing crystal together ? As crystals are part of GOD’S ELEMENTAL KINGDOM, I am curious now.

See the source image

I CAME ACROSS THIS THE OTHER DAY whilst researching something else. SHARING is CARING as many of us are from the LIGHTWORKER community use our CRYSTALS for their HEALINGPOWERS and HIGH VIBRATIONS ETC.

Image result for real cystal beings in crystalMANY of us alive here now, were also alive in the ATLANTIS LEMURIA and MU days. But – can crystals REALLY be used for FREE ENERGY ?

Crystals in Colors


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How Ordinary People are Changing the World


By Christina Sarich on Wednesday May 8th, 2019

Image: Unknown

India Plants 50 Million Trees in a Single Day

Over 800,000 volunteers planted saplings across the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh recently. The tree-planting initiative was part of a $6.5 billion-dollar effort to reforest at least 12 percent of India

Source: How Ordinary People are Changing the World

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Mother’s Day: On the Origin and History of Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day:
On the Origin and History
of Mother’s Day

Origins of Mother's Day

A beautifully composed Mother’s Day video explores the history and origins of this special day. The inspiring four-minute video below features caring mothers from around the world talking about the importance of Mother’s Day and its origins.

To explore the origins of Mother’s Day, we travel back over 100 years in time to 1908, where we meet Anna Jarvis, a woman who strangely enough never married nor had children. In a very meaningful way, Mother’s Day was her child.

Ms. Jarvis created Mother’s Day to celebrate her own mother, a caring, dedicated activist, and world-class mother. As stated in an MSNBC article on the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, “by all accounts, Jarvis’ mother Ann was a community activist who worked to heal the divisions in north-central West Virginia following the Civil War, and to promote improved sanitation by creating…

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Next Level Group Transmissions 5/11 and 5/22!

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Are you feeling called to go to your Next Level? In service of love/soul purpose expression/abundance? In relationship intimacy, nourishment, and intimacy? In physical body vitality moving into light body? The Next Level may need a conscious unplugging from the conditionings and programmings from 3D/Lower 4D matrices that may still be running unconsciously in your BEing.

Freedom feelings and relief can flood through again as your 3D self and Metasoul aspects from other timelines are released from these plugs. These plugs can be emotional patterns, undigested trauma wounds from this life and other lifetimes, relationship toxicity patterns, pluggings into the subtle energy body and aura and tied into the chakras.

I’m going to provide teachings on this unplugging process and a transmission offered through guided meditation tomorrow Saturday May 11th at 10:00am PDT (vancouver time). The call will be about two hours with opportunity for sharings…

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Evolution of an Experiencer: Jean Henderson

Koyopa Rising

JeanPhotoMy guest for this episode is Jean (or Jeanne) Henderson, who lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We recorded our talk on May 6th, 2019. Jean is what I affectionately term, a Grandmother experiencer, not unlike myself. I do enjoy conversing with the ones who have lived many decades as an experiencer. To have made it this far in life under these circumstances is, in and of itself, a remarkable feat. Jean is an author and “Reality Upgrader,” and has a particular passion for networking and exploring the topic of rebuilding or regenerating our systems of education, money, social systems, and more. Over her lifetime of “fitting in,” and studying the existing ways we structure our lives, she has many inspirations to improve the way we do things here. (Thank goodness.) Simultaneously, she has a passion for being an encourager for her own grandchildren, an honorable mission indeed…

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Trump Just Called Out the Deep State; 90 days, It’s ALL About to Drop, May 9, 2019

Trump Just Called Out the Deep State; -90 days, It’s ALL About to Drop, May 9, 2019

X22 Reports, May 9, 2019

PANIC, PANIC, PANIC! The Democrats, Neocons, and Deep-State aligned individuals all have different agendas. These groups are beginning to break apart as the TRUTH is about to drop! Think mirror. These people broke Constitutional law to profit from this. They were selling America!

Rand Paul responds to the subpoena and says “Didn’t everyone get the memo? Everything is about to change in the court system. Paul Sperry asks who wrote the Mueller report. Border patrol apprehends hundreds of illegals. About a 1/2 mile of the wall is being built every day. The USS Abraham Lincoln sails into the Suez Canal. Trump calls out one of the [DS] operators and says he should be brought up on charges. The plan has been laid out, the plan is on course and it’s all about to drop.