Intense Easter Ritual Period Is Over and So Is The Cabal’s Last Hope: State of the Energies Address + More | Unknown Lightwarrior ~ May 8, 2019

For those who are interested. I already serve in the Command.

Rose Rambles...

Secret weapon business concept with a chess pawn punching and destroying the competition king piece with a hidden red boxing glove as a metaphor for innovative corporate strategy and planning to win the game.

These past few weeks have been intense, and I’m hoping we can enjoy a
respite along with this news from Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior in his
‘State of the Energies Address’, below.

Whether we accept this is largely a spiritual war or not, it’s going
to play out that way and all the average folks see in the physical plane
are the results of the constant manipulation of an unwitting Humanity
playing into the hands of the enemy.

The witches and warlocks, as odd as that sounds, are in command of
the cosmic chess board, and we are merely pawns in the game. If we only
understood how it all works and would seize our potential…

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