Eric Raines (FB page) 5-6-19… “Energy Update… Dissolution of quarantine barriers and protocols are beginning”

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Found this article to be illuminating (and heartening) in many ways. Besides what he presents here, it also connects with (validates) the work many of us have been doing, on a variety of vibrational levels, to adjust and/or alter the Energy profile of the planet so these changes can take place.

This was discovered on FB, at Circle of the Dolphins.

“There has been an incredible shift of energy in the past week, dissolving multiple layers of density and the Archontic control systems that were frameworked inside of that heavy/rotten energy… the Quarantine densities that are keeping higher dimensional Galactic consciousness trom [from] being felt and experienced on the surface of the planet have drastically reduced.

“The barrier used to extend out physically over 10,000 miles above the surface… [now it is] … less than 100…

“As the Earth stretches and becomes less dense, more and more blockage under…

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