Edge of Wonder 4-26, 5-3, & 5-7-19… “Three Corey Goode interviews” (made in Hawaii)

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Click image to go to Edge of Wonder’s YouTube page Okay, these are three of the recent videos of Corey Goode being interviewed by Ben and Rob. I may put these up individually at some point, but “the Universe” has called me out for “doing some things” and I’m paying attention to that at the moment.

I’ve viewed parts of these, and I feel there is much information that many will care to hear and view. So here they are, in chronological order.


Premiered Apr 26, 2019
In this part 1 of 3 on Edge of Wonder with Corey Goode, we cover exclusive content on how the lost City of #Atlantis is connected to #Antarctica our own Moon and even Mars. And how all of this relates back to the pre-Adamites.

Corey Goode also covers new information about the structure and the building of the moon in which…

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