Kp Message 5-7-19… “I’m finding it ‘very difficult’ sometimes to watch the exposures, the unveilings, the disclosure of all the ‘space’ stuff, as well as all the other ‘crap’ (especially the holy crap!)”(dammit!!)

I fully agree. In fact, as the Apocalypse continues, I will probably tend to disconnect more… spending more time writing and in Nature. To continuously watch the videos exposing this and that is not necessarily healthy for the spirit or body. Stop and let go when you need a break if you are beginning to feel stressed. Take a nap, a walk, or journal… whatever it takes to come back into balance. This is going to be a long process as there is much to disclose and a lot of it is pretty ugly.

Kauilapele's Blog

Talk about one h— of a long title. But I’m just going to lay it out about what’s going on within ME! (please note that this does not necessarily apply to anyone else, and there is no judgement from me about anyone else’ experience with these things). So there!

I’m just noting these things. All of the “grand exposures” that are going on right now… Yes, we are in an apocalypse period, planet wide. And this is also going on internally for many. And yes, there’s new connections here, new connections there, about what has been going on for years, decades, centuries, millennia, about cabal this, Illuminati that, secret space program this, ET contact that.

My own view right now is that, even though I’m doing an occasional posting on this blog about all those “this and thats”, none of them are “important” (aka, “top priority”) to me (and…

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All equal

Love's Beginning

We want you to know that those nonphysical beings who help you are your equals. Just as we are your equals, each brother and sister experiencing physical embodiment is also your equal. We invite you to see where you perceive anything other than the truth. When you look at those playing roles in the world you are experiencing right now, do some seem to be more or less of one quality than others? Know that you are looking at their role, not their being. Their being is the truth. Their roles are the illusion.

Seeing the world through the eyes of the nonphysical beings who are always here to help you, you come to see that any separate thing is valueless. Yet here you seem to be, in a world with separate things that the world seems to value, in an experience in which you notice yourself valuing separate things…

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Dream a New Dream: Cat’s Angel Message for May 8, 2019

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message smsDream a New Dream: Cat’s Angel Message for May 8, 2019

May’s Theme: This month brings changes into your life. While change sometimes feels scary, it is a necessary thing for our overall growth. Be willing to embrace it and allow it to happen naturally and get ready for better things!

You are never too old to set another goalor to dream a new dream.– C. S. Lewis

58:  Today the Universe asking us to re-evaluate our current, overall situation. We have been focusing on letting go of what no longer serves us which also includes  all the things that are money and time related. You may be wondering “WHY” this is important. It’s important because today we are getting a green light from the universe in regards to projects and ventures that we have been considering or putting off. The angels are telling us ” Now is…

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Riding with God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I ask Myself:

Why would anyone turn away from Me? Why would anyone presume to make a break with Me and think it smart? Yet there are human beings in My Created World who choose to turn their backs on Me. Can you believe it? Only human beings, for there are no other beings who put love aside and deny Me. Only human beings go on such a tangent. Only human beings target Me rather than love Me. To love Me is natural. No creature spurns Me. Human beings, however, presumably feel high and mighty or very unappreciated and may transfer their shaky egos to push Me away from their hearts.

The meek shall inherit the Earth. The word meek means without boastful ego.

This is the down side of Free Will. Yet there is always an upside. The upside is that there is opportunity to look again.

There are…

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Integration of the Soul ~ May 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By: Teri Wade


Awakening is when your heart starts to open and a longing for purpose
sets in. It’s that original spark of Light being activated and nothing
is the same again. Everything that has been suppressed, hidden and
ignored is coming to the surface to be understood because integration
between body and soul needs to happen to progress to your Divine Light.

When the
Soul is ready the human no longer gets to run the show. Integration
needs to occur or the body will begin to shut down. It’s all part of the
evolutionary cycle of our species. This new energy, the crystalline
structure being brought on by these higher frequencies are activating
your DNA which are spiraling up through your spine, this is the
emergence of your Spirit ready to take physical form. It’s really a
beautiful, amazing thing.

more resistant and stubborn the…

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Your Stealthy Pagan Garden | Molly Khan

The Sisters of the Fey

Our new house will allow me the freedom to set up my flower beds the way I want. I have plans to grow veggies and herbs – things I can use in the practice of Faery Craft. 

One thing I’ve learned is that we must open and close our gardening sessions with prayers and offerings to the spirits of the land around us and the plants we are trying to cultivate. Interested in learning more? Molly Khan shares her methods below.


“Gardens aren’t always elaborate and private sanctuaries where you’re free to add as much statuary and Pagan symbols as you’d like. For those […]”

Source: Your Stealthy Pagan Garden | Molly Khan

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