WhatDoesitMean.com 5-6-19… “Democrat Party Wasteland Grows After Trump Nukes China Economy For Their Arms Talk Refusal”

Excellent. Yes, the nationalist fervor, which is really a bid for sovereignty for the nation, culture, and individual, is gaining momentum WORLDWIDE! It’s not about Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s about the growing realization that a tiny, tiny, tiny group of perverted elites wants to control ALL nations. Ain’t going to happen as the frequency of the planet, solar system, and this galaxy is climbing higher. We have entered the Photon Belt and NO thing that does not resonate at a higher level will be allowed to continue, including the idiotic socialist Democratic (i.e., communist/Satanist/Marxist) party.

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This WDiM points out many items that I feel are important to remember. One of which is that Russia and the US have never “attacked” each other, at least in the traditional “military war” sense. Russia is not, and never has been, an “enemy” of the US. It is only the deep state (aka, globalists, cabal, et al) that have made this up.

Another point is that the “lunatic socialist liberal” type agenda is never going to come to pass, and many of those who are labelled “Democrat” in the US Congress are very very very very very very PANICKED, and are flailing out with whatever items they can come up with.

And as I mentioned in the last WDiM Kp blog post, which still holds true today:

Cosmically, we are in a MASSIVE HIGH VIBRATION LIGHT influx period… So like it or not, anything being “put out there”…

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