The Attraction of Love | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You are a healer. Everyone of you. You are here to heal someone or something on earth. You are a proprietor of earth. Your wares are healing wares. Remind yourself that you are a healer. Heal another’s heart with your presence. That is what I do. I heal with My presence, and you are My presence made manifest.

You do not have to rush to the fore. You just have to be there. Your being is what heals another and yourself.

Your presence is like a brushstroke of love.

You are a painter of love.

You have alit to earth to reproduce the Sun and the clear sky but not the clouds.

You are a clearer of debris on earth. You pick up the litter that has been strewn and you strew snippets of love as you walk along your path. You don’t have to go out of…

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