SerialBrain2, 5-6-19… “Kentucky Derby: The Magic Spell Went All The Way To Russia”

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Well, I saw this earlier today and all I can say is that I do enjoy reading these, and viewing the images that are there. This one has a few points that I found “fascinating”.

Related to the Kentucky Derby, it was originally “won” by the favorite, Maximum Security, but following a jockey challenge, the decision was made to disqualify that horse and the trophy was granted to the second place finisher, Country House. I found it curious that the new “winner” has the reverse initials of “Hillary Clinton”. So the message is, “We’ve taken away your ‘Maximum Security’, and replaced it with ‘Hillary Clinton’s’ ‘Country House'” (where even illegal immigrants are welcomed! (and please note I have no problem with anyone who has immigrated here)).

One thing I’ve learned to do with these SB2 decodes, is to not try to understand everything and to not spend hours and hours…

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