Deep State Black Sites in Process of Being Removed, Next Phase Coming

Deep State Black Sites in Process of Being Removed, Next Phase Coming

X22 Report – Political & Geopolitical, May 7, 2019

CNN lays off 100 people, even though they don’t call it a layoff. Mueller report relied on the MSM for its investigation (fake news narrative). Mueller says he interviewed Mifsud but there is no paperwork. MSM and the [DS] are trying to play down the word spying. Wray was asked about spying and his answer was not really an answer. Mnuchin says there will be no to handing over Trump’s tax returns. Booker is running on the gun grab, this is a dead end. Trump pardon’s army ranger. Venezuela and Iran are being pushed to remove the Deep State black sites. Message sent to Obama, received by Iran, next phase coming.

Reports: 14 Dead After Plane Going From Las Vegas to Mexico Crashes ~ May 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Bombardier Aerospace Challenger 601 private jet

Editor’s Note: Really, do you think it’s sake to travel at all these days? Consider the horrific crashes out here in the West (Colorado) on major interstates, as well as the sudden flurry of air crashes. Now take into consideration of new facial scanners at the airports, as well as the new “documentation” required to allow admittance onto an aircraft starting next year!

If you think this is all about terrorism, you are so right…it’s all about controlling and terrorizing US! Please read the article below, understand that this is the dark’s response to massive amounts of Light flooding our planet, and be…



Once again, it’s not a Boeing 737 Max 8. It’s a Canadian Bombardier Aerospace Challenger 601. So what’s the deal? Is this the lunatic left’s Hegelian Dialectic approach to the Green New Deal and Agenda 21/2030!?

Is this how…

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Headlines and Updates for May 7, 2019: Deep State Doubling Down [videos] ~ May 7, 2018

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While there is positive momentum in some areas, the war for liberation yet rages.

The lunatic left is doubling down with the shotgun effect, ramping it up everywhere they can.

Forced vaccinations and fake measles epidemics. Brazen censorship of
conservatives. Smothering truth. Outright, baseless lies slathered all
over the lamestream fake media. Threats of subpoenas and impeachment
where no crime exists. Renewed violence in the Middle East. Torching
places of worship to instigate race/religious conflict—and what about
the plane crashes?

We get our licks in, though. And “Epstein Island” came up. Those New Yorkers are tough!


Australian Prime Minister Egged After Controversial Remarks

The “HRC Pity Party Tour” continues as she relentlessly embarrasses herself playing victim. Feel the PAIN!

The Fox team has a ball with this.

Hillary Clinton claims 2016 election was ‘stolen’ from her

Did Mnuchin grow a conscience? This is the guy Thomas…

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Human Trafficking is the Next Big Hurdle [videos] ~ May 7, 2019

This is a sick topic, but one people are going to have to face. These ‘people’ who commit these acts are beyond sick; they are evil and anti-human. You cannot ‘fix’ them. Meditate on that one.

Rose Rambles...

If we think it’s hard to get people to accept the reality about
politics, vaccines, altered history and toxic food, and forced
migration, just wait until we are forced to broach the topic of Human
trafficking, pedophilia, and the pedovores.

Thankfully President Trump froze the assets of these creatures
responsible for so much Human trauma and suffering which curtailed their
activities in some cases. We have a long way to go.

We can see from the information below that stings are taking place by
law enforcement all over the world to take these criminals down. We
have to protect the children and people who refuse to take this threat
seriously could be helping instead of hindering the cause.

We have new up close and personal drone footage from Jeffrey
Epstein’s Little Saint James island and there are some big changes from
the last images we saw. I think we learned…

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Transformation: The Dance of Shiva, by Eliza Ayres

Transformation: The Dance of Shiva by Eliza Ayres

Shiva is an aspect of God that breaks down all that is false. Shiva does his dance as the destroyer to expose our demons (our inner darkness) and to allow us to transform and rebuild. Shiva is now dancing within my being transforming me, each cell and each thought. Right now it is a process of bringing to light all that is not of the light that must be let go and released, which means every fear that is secreted within my flesh through my own actions and thoughts within this lifetime and as a result of genetics and blood karma. Shiva dances through me and awakens the mistress within to respond to his advances. As masculine and feminine come into balance, so I come into mastery. I must learn to accept all aspects of duality in neutrality before I can come before Sanat Kumara and enter Shamballa, and so I will endeavor to do this, for all life, so that heaven can come to earth and dwell in men’s hearts.

Editor’s Note: From this description, it is apparent this aspect of God, known as Shiva the Destroyer, is part of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, the dissolving, transmuting, transforming flame of Alchemy which leads to the Freedom for the spiritual aspirant. It is a process that occurs in layers, over a period of time but ultimately raises up the frequency level of the individual as the ancient trauma is dissolved and removed, and unbalanced energies come back into balance.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

8 May 2019 Ideas Like Firecrackers — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Ideas will be like firecrackers today, ones accidentally, spontaneously set alight–and though the creative energy that pours from it is not only valid, it’s highly empowering, those ideas may also be shocking, come out of left field, or could be radical, taking the imagination to new, previously not considered heights. That means that the most […]

8 May 2019 Ideas Like Firecrackers — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Integration Lifetimes and Human Evolution

Laura Bruno's Blog

Readers and clients have recently asked me questions regarding what I call “integration lifetimes.” In a “regular” lifetime, people choose one or two things as their focus, attempting to resolve them so as to free themselves from specific karmic ties or continuing influence. Unlike regular lifetimes, “integration lifetimes” attempt to unite and utilize all previous incarnations — assembling them into something far beyond that which has come before. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whereas regular lifetimes allow people to ignore “irrelevant” experiences, themes, relationships or gifts, integration lifetimes demand attention to and embracing of our greater being. For example, if a soul on a regular lifetime has major money and persecution issues to work through, but pre-incarnately decides to narrow this lifetime’s focus to resolving two particular relationships, then money and persecution problems will not affect the soul much during this lifetime —…

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Excellent. Yes, the nationalist fervor, which is really a bid for sovereignty for the nation, culture, and individual, is gaining momentum WORLDWIDE! It’s not about Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s about the growing realization that a tiny, tiny, tiny group of perverted elites wants to control ALL nations. Ain’t going to happen as the frequency of the planet, solar system, and this galaxy is climbing higher. We have entered the Photon Belt and NO thing that does not resonate at a higher level will be allowed to continue, including the idiotic socialist Democratic (i.e., communist/Satanist/Marxist) party.

Kauilapele's Blog

This WDiM points out many items that I feel are important to remember. One of which is that Russia and the US have never “attacked” each other, at least in the traditional “military war” sense. Russia is not, and never has been, an “enemy” of the US. It is only the deep state (aka, globalists, cabal, et al) that have made this up.

Another point is that the “lunatic socialist liberal” type agenda is never going to come to pass, and many of those who are labelled “Democrat” in the US Congress are very very very very very very PANICKED, and are flailing out with whatever items they can come up with.

And as I mentioned in the last WDiM Kp blog post, which still holds true today:

Cosmically, we are in a MASSIVE HIGH VIBRATION LIGHT influx period… So like it or not, anything being “put out there”…

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