Unforgivable Acts, November Warning is About Drop! Episode 1859b

Unforgivable Acts, November Warning is About Drop! Episode 1859b

X22 Report

Nadler gives Barr until Monday, or else. Nadler has a conflict of interest his son works for the firm investigating Trump. Nunes calls out Mueller, saying that Mifsud should have been investigated. Nunes wants to know how many people were spying on Trump. Back in November, Trump warned Obama that he would not forgive certain acts, they are about to drop. JW finds FBI missing notes, find HRC emails. NK has a drill and the MSM makes it seem like they fired ballistic missiles. The [DS] is now using their ammo trying to explain why it was legal to spy on President, the patriots are setting up the [DS].

Michael Nadler is working for the firm that is suing Trump. The Deep State needs to get rid of Trump ‘at all costs’. They are being caught out in all of their lies. The Mueller Report is full of mistakes. Nunes and his team are calling him out for withholding information from the American citizens.

The Deep State and the MSM seem to allergic to the word “spying”. Nunes is finding a lot of spies were involved in the operation against Trump. Trump and the Alliance are playing the long game as their enemy, the Deep State is destroying itself.

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