Three Days of Darkness/4th Density Harvest – Adronis, Brad Johnson

Three Days of Darkness/4th Density Harvest – Adronis, Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson’s New Earth Teachings

This was a Facebook Live from Brad’s Facebook that also includes a channeling from Adronis on a very SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT regarding a high probable year when the 3 Days of Darkness and the harvest to 4th density may take place.

Adronis says this is a certainty, within the high 90%, when the higher level of angelic beings give others this date… 2037.

Our world is within the Time of Harvest and there is a lot of work to do… Check in with your own inner guidance when this period of darkness will take place. This is NOT for entertainment. This is the current slate, what is being decided right now.

What can you do to prepare? Work on yourselves, work through your traumas, share compassion, you are servants of the Creator. You harmonize yourself…

The three days of darkness will be due to a Stargate Effect… much like a caterpillar preparing to be a butterfly… a form of METAMORPHOSIS.

This is the splitting of the worlds, from third density to fourth density Earth… it takes three days for the planetary mitosis to take place. This process is both natural AND artificial.

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