THE EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT (Corrupt Dismantling) – May 2019


Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

There have been many tides regarding great shifts of power that are beginning to translate into a greater victory upon old foundations that have been standing tall on your planet for many centuries. The victories to come will see the dismantling of certain governmental control systems that have promoted in secret the taking away of freedom from the people regarding defense, security, financial control, and religious binding. These organizations have been deeply infiltrated by new leadership and the operatives that have been investigating, detaining and replacing old powers that have held great value that will return to the people as you move closer to the start of 2020 and 2021.

There will be a great shift in this power that will no longer honor the greed and selfishness of established foundations that have hidden this value, wealth and control as a leash towards people affected in both the western and eastern countries of the world. Tribunals are continuing in secret and there have been many public figures that have been tried and detained. In time, their accusations and exposure of their doings will be held in a public mainstream format as your mainstream is currently under replacement situations.

Either you own mainstream media will be heavily sanitized or new media representing greater authentic truth will be rising to replace the paid-off journalists and mainstream correspondents as you move closer to the start of the new decade. The lies must first be exposed. There must be more support and signs of demanding the dismantling of the media control systems that has again kept much of humanity at bay with heavy mind control programming and suppression of what is transpiring on your world.

There will be more supernatural events taking place in hidden areas of your planet. There are what could be termed as dimensional tasks forces working in other domains to seal off portal systems that have attracted corrupt spiritual influences on your planet that once held harmonious gateways between worlds. You will find such portals upon your areas of ley lines, as well as portals that are outside of the ley-line geometry, found upon areas of land, caverns, forests/parks, and even in infrastructures built by men such as churches, temples, and monolithic sites.

Great sanitation is happening to close off these contaminated gateways and greatly reduce heavy influences of corrupt spirit activity that has heavily influenced leaders and administrators on your world. Such energies will be cleared out as these task forces containing human, extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings assign themselves to close off the contaminated entry points of these spirit dwellers that come to this world to deliberately sabotage and corrupt all levels of living on the Earth.

The Earth will begin going through advanced conjunctions leading to heavier amounts of exposing energy that may cause certain shake-ups in areas of the planet, specifically in coastal areas of the Eastern world of Europe and Africa. These shakes up may not relate to physical earth changes, but more emotional that could relate to the triggering of certain Earth events to come. However, these projected physical Earth changes do not hold any level of catastrophe, but rather a jolting to awaken more that have been entranced in these corrupt systems that are on the verge of collapse. Stay diligent and stay informed, most importantly, through your own conscience, heart path, discernment and let the dedication to truth, community, assistance, and love be brought through you and to your neighbors near and beyond you. It is your own devotion as a collective that will expose greater secrets that are meant for you to be seen in these short times to come.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

Brad Johnson, May 6, 2019

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